Bathroom Vanities Projects

LEICHT is an award-winning german kitchen brand offering high-end European kitchens that are modern and stylish.

Discover our range of kitchens: maximum customization and a wide range of options to meet all space and style needs.

  1. BOSSA | Modern Floating Vanity

    BOSSA | Modern Floating Vanity

  2. Modern Floating Vanity

    Modern Floating Vanity

  3. Oak Bathroom Vanities

    Oak Bathroom Vanities

  4. LEICHT Bathroom white vanities

    LEICHT Bathroom white vanities

  5. White Vanities

    White Vanities

  6. Bathroom Modern Cabinet

    Bathroom Modern Cabinet

  7. Veneered Walnut Vanity

    Veneered Walnut Vanity

  8. Entirely White Bathroom

    Entirely White Bathroom

  9. Modern Floating White Vanity

    Modern Floating White Vanity

  10. Wood Floating Vanity

    Wood Floating Vanity