Come explore our 2023 collection | CONTINO Ξ12

With CONTINO Ξ12, LEICHT is expanding the 2023 collection. The slender 12 mm line for an extra delicate front design. The new product is graceful, shapely, and elegant, and represents a stylistic extension of the architectural brand's aesthetic and technical expertise in the design and implementation of handleless kitchen.

Come explore our 2023 collection | CONTINO  Ξ12

From our New 2023 Collection, CONTINO Ξ12. Available either with a lacquer finish or in aluminium, the thin front rounds off different room designs with an elegant design language and architecturally clear lines. The new product has a filigree, shapely and elegant look, with which the architecture brand has stylistically expanded its aesthetic and technical competence in the design and implementation of handleless kitchens. The conscious reduction of materials maximises Contino 12's elegant appearance in the kitchen living space.


When opening the cabinet elements that run continuously around the island block, the new M8 pull-out system and the carcase interior colour carbon grey are found again, which ideally complement the material quality of the aluminium. The reduced material thickness of the front is consistently continued in the pull-out system. The filigree aesthetics of the metal sides, which are only 8 mm thick, are supported by the dark colour of the pull-out system and the cabinet.


An elementary component of this kitchen planning is the new ICONIC open shelving system installed directly against a free-standing room in the Kubus room, exemplified here in the bergamo ulme version. ICONIC embodies the symbiosis of visionary planning thought and expertise with a particular focus on material science, which can be traced back to a tradition of expertise at LEICHT. At the side of the shelving system, a decisive detail is revealed: the vertical shelf sides stand at a minimum distance of 5 cm from the wall. An LED light strip runs along the back of these cheek edges, visually highlighting the flat rear wall. The deliberately staged indirect light creates a three-dimensional effect of the new ICONIC shelving system.


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