Room for the Essentials

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Room for the Essentials

With geometric shapes, clean lines and calm colours, this open plan kitchen offers an ideal haven of tranquillity – both visually and for everyday living. It is characterised by its reduction to essentials without having to sacrifice significant details.

In this LEICHT plan, the spacious kitchen from the PRIMO design range, set into the left wall of the room, is a testament to sophisticated planning. With handle-less units, open shelving elements, electrical appliances, worktop and sink area, it seems to merge with the surrounding wall. The kitchen is thus visually understated and makes the room look bigger – an effect that is intensified by the calm, brown surfaces in a wood look.

On the outside, PRIMO, FENIX and ROCCA from the LEICHT portfolio create a harmonious and exclusive image, which is maintained on the inside of the kitchen furniture by puristic frames in noble carbon grey.

Parallel to this, there is a striking central kitchen block with an integrated hob and an adjoining dining area – an element which is both architectural and communicative, cleverly combining cooking and eating.

The table top in the dining area picks up the dark brown surfaces of the kitchen, while the fronts of the kitchen block, which are also handle-less, are designed in fossil grey – a gentle, puristic shade which underlines the calm, clear look of this kitchen with its elegant reserve. The FENIX programme is compelling here with its ultra-matt surfaces that are pleasant to the touch. The solid, marble-looking ROCCA worktop provides a harmonious colour balance to the dark grey as do the upholstered seating in a warm yellow and the glass lamp.

On the right-hand side, the kitchen space opens onto a patio with vital architecture. The warm stone wall offers protection from prying eyes, thus preserving your private sphere, although not completely blocking the view of the surroundings. Light streams in through the glass patio doors, making the room look even more inviting.

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