Form Follows Function: A Style-Defining Design Principle Moves Into Kitchen Planning

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Form Follows Function: A Style-Defining Design Principle Moves Into Kitchen Planning

The Bauhaus is the name everyone knows: a school of art, architecture, and design founded in 1919 in Weimar that helped shape modern design in a way that continues to influence the way we think about it. There are a lot of associations associated with the "Bauhaus" - right up front, it says "form follows function". This design principle is as deeply ingrained in the Bauhaus as LEICHT and the kitchen.

Getting back to living: The family home in question is situated in the midst of greenery and directly on the water near Augsburg in Germany. Its architecture, its form, and the two cubes stacked on top of each other give it its expressive character. Flat glass fronts, a bright white façade, and offset cubes give the structure its expressive character. This modern building creates privacy with floor-to-ceiling curtains and lightly tinted glass. There is a sense of appreciation among these people for the design of things: their aesthetics and their function. As the muse of the 21st century, Bauhaus is and remains the model for the design of this architecture.

Living in flow: From the LEICHT luxury kitchen into the living space.

Keeping with an open plan, there are no doors separating the kitchen from the living areas of the house. Upon entering the house, there is a hallway that leads past floor-to-ceiling windows into the living room, and on the other side there is a staircase going up to the second floor. Consequently, the space is consistently open - perfect for family life. There is also a consistent choice of colors and materials: wooden floors, white walls and furniture, and occasional dark accents. A wellness oasis-inspired bathroom is located on the upper floor. Throughout the room - through two large floor-to-ceiling windows - you can gaze out into nature and ponder Walter Gropius and the legendary "Bauhaus".

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