Hottest kitchen design trends for fall 2022/23

If you are planning a renovation or new construction this fall, you must be searching for ideas and trends that will make sure your project is up-to-date with what is trending right now. Take a look at some of the hottest trends for 20222/23.

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Hottest kitchen design trends for fall 2022/23

Fall is the coziest season of them all, something in the colors changing around, the crisp air and the winds blowing that makes us want to cuddle up in front of the fireplace with a thick blanket, hot chocolate, and wool socks.

The many changes that have taken place in our world in the last few years have directly affected both the way we treat the home kitchen, and the way we design it. The Kitchen shifted from being the room "to cook and eat" into the new concept of "The Living Kitchen".

In the post-pandemic world, the kitchen is much more than a place to cook. It is the place where the members of the family gather, prepare meals, eat, sit for a relaxed conversation over a cup of coffee, and even host friends and extended family.

Eating and entertaining area

It can be said that the most prominent kitchen furniture in 2022/2023 is still the large and versatile island that allows several cooks to cook at the same time, serves as a spacious and comfortable eating area, and a hospitality area that does not fall out of the designated hospitality areas throughout the house. It is where everyone gathers. The most popular design for the Kitchen Island is the one that has the concealed storage space that gives you additional storage without adding more cabinets, which allows the entire design to be more minimal.

Use of Color

We are not always aware, but the colors we choose for each room in the house have a huge impact on the feelings, moods, and energies of each and every one of the family members. Studies conducted over the years prove how much they affect us physically and mentally, whether at work, in the gym, or of course in our personal space.

According to the researchers, each tone has an electrical frequency, which is absorbed by the human brain and activates different areas of it. That's why it's the central color company Pantone - choose every year shades that match the mood at the time. For example, in recent years the green tones, which symbolize the nature that we all aspire to bring into our homes, and the light grays, which during the Corona period symbolized calmness and stability in the midst of two years full of upheavals, stood out.

According to Pantone, this year's colors will be bold and bright colors such as Orange and Yellow, however, when it comes to Design, each project has its own unique and each Homeowner has its own taste. It all depends on the nature of the project and the elements that are suitable for it.

From a glance at the projects that are designed by us, it seems that the dominant colors are many and varied, starting from graphite black and grayish shades of all kinds, through intense spice colors and natural shades of wood and stone to pinks to blues and greens.

Almost always shades of black, gray, mocha, coffee, and wood will be used, and don't forget the timeless white that will be very dominant. Other shades serve as a great base for furniture fronts, focal points, accessories, and textiles.

It seems that the use of dramatic and dark shades of green is getting stronger. After years during which it was pushed into a corner, green is back to being a legitimate color, mainly thanks to a very wide range of shades - from dramatic and smoky ones like the powerful bottle green to pastel and softer shades like the soft and soothing sage green. In recent years, shades of green have proven how correct they are for creating depth and accents in a space, which makes it luxurious and up-to-date, as long as it is used in the right doses.

As to countertops, Light colored countertops in the styles of real stone and marble are becoming a top trend for fall kitchens.

It looks like nature and its colors are here to stay for this year as well.

Metallic finishes

From hardware to cabinets, metallic finishes will be the most wanted this season.

“We’re noticing a shift with consumers looking to incorporate mixed metals into their kitchen designs," explains Alex Main, director of "The Main Company".

"Metals in similar tones offer a cohesive style, such as copper and gold which pair perfectly due to their warm undertones, or cooler metals like nickel and chrome which sit well against lighter colors and modern kitchen designs. Using too much of the same metal can look one-dimensional, so ensure the finish you choose suits its placement in the kitchen.”

"Shiny chrome is proving to be less popular, with some designs favoring matte black to be somewhat more unassuming," says the interior designer at Opti plan Kitchen.

"However, more muted choices of metal are taking off in popularity in kitchens in 2023. Materials such as pewter, copper, and brushed brass create a much more natural effect."

"Choosing a more toned-down option for your ‘kitchen jewelry’ can really switch up the aesthetic of your kitchen and give much more character than ever before.

"With consumers wanting to create a completely unique kitchen space, we anticipate that gold, copper, and brass are set to be favored in 2023, adding small, sophisticated touches that make a huge overall difference," remarks Jo Winston.

"Consider brass cabinet handles, copper taps, and gold-toned accessories such as kettles and storage to incorporate these understated additions into your space effortlessly."

Smart Technology

The modern home is smarter than ever and it does not skip the Kitchen, we want our Kitchen to work for us, from warming drawers, through smart lighting to waste bins. 

The 2023 kitchen design must integrate smart technology to make sure we stay in line with our client's needs.

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