Kitchens are forever: six trends that are going to stay in fashion

Six trends that are going to stay in fashion From different options of color palette, textures, and details - this is how you will design a kitchen that will stand the test of time!

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Kitchens are forever: six trends that are going to stay in fashion

The kitchen is the heart of the home, it's forever true. The most utilized space, the center of gathering and entertaining, the place where memories are made, and the place where (some of us) release daily stress through activities such as cooking, mixing, or battering. So the warm and welcoming feeling you will have in the space is definitely important. If you're considering a full or partial renovation and checking out which designs are the latest buzz, we recommend the following six trends.

White kitchens with texture and warmth

If you change the color palette of the kitchen, go for the eternal shade - creamy white. "A white kitchen has already proven to stand the test of time. It creates a fresh, clean, and updated feeling, and it is flexible enough for changes in design and furniture to create a new look without really renovating. However, white can also look sterile and too serious, so it is important to combine color and softness with other elements like Warm earth tones, and using wood will balance the coolness of white. Lighting fixtures and electrical appliances can also fill the space with color and texture.

Soft and quiet color palettes

Prefer more color? Try and choose soft shades. Choosing a dramatic shade or glittery wallpaper may be visually beautiful, but you take the risk of getting tired of them within five years at the most. Using classic and neutral colors will ensure that your kitchen will always have style. Whites, blacks, browns, and grays star in traditional and contemporary designs, proving to be universally ageless.


Detailing, such as subtle vertical stripe technique, has taken the design industry by storm in recent years, appearing everywhere. Although it is a trend, designers predict that it is here to stay. This is a beautiful and modern way to make a statement in the kitchen.

Quartz surfaces

There are many options when it comes to kitchen countertops – marble, butcher, concrete – but quartz countertops are the preferred choice here. Not only will they stand the test of time, but from a design perspective, they are more functional and durable, and come in a variety of colors. Quartz is a hard rock made of pure quartz, and therefore extremely durable. It is recommended to choose a straight surface, as opposed to decorative edges, for a cleaner installation.

Decorative island lighting

Investing in quality lighting fixtures for the kitchen island is key, as this is an area that requires strong lighting. The island is in the center of the kitchen and the eyes are naturally drawn to it. Consider this an opportunity to merge form with function and choose beautiful lighting that will enhance the space according to your taste, whether it is rotating chandeliers, straight lighting fixtures, or those that combine classic elements.

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